Aramith 2″ Pool Balls Reds & Yellows (1 7/8 White)


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League Pool Balls

  • Sets of pool balls comprising
    of either Red & Yellows or Blue & Yellows as used in most
    commercial situations.
  • ?Almost all commercial tables use 2″ balls and if they are coin operated
    require a slightly smaller, 1 7/8″, white cue ball.
  • The cue ball is
    smaller so that it will pass through coin operated pool tables and be
    returned after potting.
  • ?All balls are made in Belgium and three qualities are available.
  • All
    balls are quality phenolic balls however the Premier quality (in a Green
    box) are more highly finished than the Standard Quality (in a White
  • ?The Standard white boxed balls still being extremely hard wearing
    and slighly less expensive are most popular with table operators.
  • ?The
    “Super Aramith Pro 8 Ball Set” (in blue and gold box) is made from Super
    Aramith Pro resin which is used worldwide in all major tournaments and
    championships because of its uncompromised quaity.
  • ?The Super Aramith Pro
    has professional specifications in all criteria: density, balance,
    diameter, roundness, colour, glossiness, hardness and weight.
  • ?The Super
    Aramith Pro is supplied with a 1 7/8″ Pro-Cup cue balls with six red
    dots on.


Balls with 17/8″ cue balls for coin operated tables:

3736-SCBS?? 2″ Standard Reds & Yellows with a
17/8″ cue ball

3736-SCB?? ? 2″ Premier Reds & Yellows with a
1 7/8″ cue ball

3735-SCB ? ? 2″ Premier Blues & Yellows with a 1
7/8″ cue ball

3739???? ?? ? ?? 2″
Super Aramith Pro Cup with 1 7/8″ Pro Cup cue ball


Balls for Domestic Tables (with cue balls the same size as other

3736???? 2″ Premier Reds & Yellows with
a 2″ cue ball

3746?? ? 1 7/8″ Premier Reds
& Yellows with a 2″ cue ball



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