Re-Tipping & Cue Cleaning

Re-Tipping & Cue Cleaning

We provide the following in house services with a very quick turn around time. Please contact us on 08000 236 246 for more information and to book your cue in.

Re-Tipping – From £7

If your cue is in need of re-tipping, give us a call or bring it to our shop in Wednesbury for a speedy turn around. We have all the necessary tools to complete the job to a high standard.
For a higher standard tip, please see below for prices:

£7 – Elkmaster Tips
£8 – Blue Diamond Tips
£15 – Talisman Tips – Soft – Medium – Hard
£15 – Elkmaster Pro Tips – Soft – Medium – Hard

£15 – Century Tips – soft  Medium – Medium/Hard – Rock Hard

Cue Cleaning – £10

Over time, your cue can lose its smooth coating, becoming sticky and rough to touch. Our cleaning service strips back the cue, removing any dirt and old wax / varnish. We then sand the cue, re-oil and wax it (depending on the cue material) so that it feels brand new.

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