Kamui Laminated Snooker Tips – Original




Kamui Snooker Tip (S2025-S2026)
Kamui tips are made of vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather is a far superior process in durability and elasticity compared to chrome tanned leather. However, vegetable tanned leather has a tendency to absorb moisture which degrades the performance of the durability and elasticity. Kamui introduced a special treatment in the tanning process to make the KAMUI leather humidity resistant.This specially treated leather maintains the elasticity and the durability of KAMUI tips in all seasons and even in high humid environments.


Less Mushroom

The mushroom effect of a cue tip is due to the lack of durability from cue ball impact. A mushroomed tip does not allow you to apply accurate English on the cue ball. In the tanning process of Kamui leather, the process is frozen at a certain point to get the high durability against mushrooming. Also, Kamui Tips are made of the finest boned fibre available today. These efforts of increased durability and elasticity has resulted in less mushrooming of all Kamui Tips.

Consistent Playability

Performance stability is very important when choosing a good cue tip. It is difficult to play consistent when a new tip does not feel the same as the last tip you had before.

Kamui is dedicated to improving the conventional quality control method. By collecting large amounts of data and developing a process of consistency, Kamui has managed to maintain the best quality control seen in the billiard tip industry. Kamui tip performance now allows playability and reliability on the table under any circumstances.

S2025 .C09M Kamui Original Snooker Tip 9mm Meduim – Single Tip
S2025 .C09MH Kamui Original Snooker Tip 9mm Med/Hard – Single Tip
S2025 .C10M Kamui Original Snooker Tip 10mm Meduim – Single Tip
S2025 .C10MH Kamui Original Snooker Tip 10mm Med/Hard – Single? Tip
S2025 .C11M Kamui Original Snooker Tip 11mm Meduim – Single Tip
S2025 .C11MH Kamui Original Snooker Tip 11mm Med/Hard – Single Tip

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Medium/Hard, Hard, Medium, Soft


10mm, 11mm, 9mm

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