PRO147 CLASSIC SANDALWOOD 3/4 Snooker Cue 9.5mm Tip + 6 Inch Wooden Mini Butt


  • Premium Retipping Service
Why not treat your new cue to a PREMIUM tip which can be supplied, fitted, and shaped by our inhouse retipping expert .
We re-tip 100’s of cues every year so we would like to offer the service to people buying new cues as its usually a booking appointment and you may be too far away to drop in and have it done.
Century tips allow a much better contact with the cue ball and grip the white much better allowing for that cue ball control you have always wanted.
Simply follow the link below and buy the tip of your choice after your cue purchase, this service will not impact the delivery time as it will be done at the time of purchase but you will need to add the premium tip within an hour as it will go to be packed soon after.
You can choose between ,
G1 – Soft tip suitable for pool
G2 – Medium tip which is better suited to snooker

Click Here To Buy Your Premium Century Tip


Cue Features

  • 57? traditional snooker cue with ? joint
  • Shaft measures approx. 111cm including protruding joint
  • Butt measures approx. 37cm
  • Balance point is approx. 43cm into the butt end
  • Approx 10mm leather stick-on tip ? sanded and ready for play
  • The bigger 10mm tip makes potting easier and shots more powerful
  • Polished brass ferrule
  • Premium grade North American ash shaft, with distinct grains and feathering
  • The shaft is sanded to a smooth finish, with no lumps or bumps
  • Stiff shaft that helps prevent the cue from deflecting when striking cue ball
  • Quality brass vacuum joint ? hear the pop when you break it apart!
  • PRO147 white pearl badge in sandalwood butt plate
  • Comes with 6 Inch Mini Butt
  • Black rubber painted butt end ? thin rubber coating applied to sanded wood
  • Heavy weight cue that varies between 18oz to 20oz


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