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Improve your potting, cue ball control and side spin skills with the world renowned snooker coach Nic Barrow.

For Beginner& Advanced Snooker Players :Teaches You The Secrets Of Top Professionals

Cue Ball – Positional Play / Cue ActionThis side shows you the mental map thatprofessionals use to plan their cue ball controlin any shot.Split into a green central line for beginners,and red advanced areas for side spin.Demystify positional play once and for all !

Object Ball – Aiming, Sighting & PottingThis side shows a simple two step method forfinding the correct contact point to pot theobject ball.Training your eyes to find the correct ‘PottingPoint’ on the object ball is vital for potting straightand angled shots.

Cue Ball Calculator – Break BuildingPlace this free disc on your practice table whereyou want the cue ball to land.The three simple steps written on the ball FORCEYOU to plan your positional play like aprofessional.This dramatically increases the speed that youlearn and improve your positional play and breakbuilding!





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